With Handle Portable Ultralight Titanium Pan Outdoor Camping Titanium Bowl Set Folding Handle Cookware Backpacking Soup Bowl (300ML)

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Bullet Points:
1、This folding bowl is made of pure titanium, and it is odorless and non-toxic. The surface is sandblasted to make it beautiful and tough. It is easy to clean, anti-scalding and anti-fall.
2、Size: About 126x45MM. Easy to stack. The box contains a mesh bag for storage and a folding handle for easy carrying.
3、The edge of the bowl is curled and therefore safer to use.
4、Its handle and large mouth make it very convenient to distribute food in the pot, which is very convenient to use.
5、You can use it for camping, travel, picnics, hiking or any family activity. This bowl can be cooked directly on the stove.

Name: Outdoor Titanium Folding Bowl
Size: about 126x45MM/4.96*1.77
Capacity: 300ML
Weight: about 50g
Material: pure titanium
Color: titanium
Surface treatment: sandblasting


Titanium folding bowl *1