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Product Category: Toy Football
Applicable age: young people (15-35 years old), young people (7-14 years old)
Color: 6 colors
Material: Environmental protection PVC
Size: 65cm, 75cm
How to use:
First, fill the water spray ball with air, then fill the filled ball with water, so that the ball has a certain weight so that it does not float away lightly ~~
Next, connect the end to the water pipe, turn on the water pipe switch and continue to deliver water into the ball. The water spray ball filled with gas and water will be sprayed into a beautiful water column like a fountain, very fun!
1. Please note that when using it, do not inflate too much, do not approach the heat source and contact with sharp objects, so as not to damage the product.

2. Non-professional lifesaving equipment (when used on water), minors are only used under proper supervision

Size description: Inflatable products are generally marked with the size before inflation, and some products will also be marked with the approximate size after inflation. Due to the amount of inflation, the difference in the elasticity of the leather in different seasons will have a slight effect on the size of the product. quasi. Our toys are good in price and good in value, and some buyers feel that the workmanship is rough, has defects, is not a good material, is not the same as imagined, etc., but these are not quality problems. No matter what is perfect, our pictures are taken in kind, all sizes are measured manually, and 1-3CM error is normal.


1. Inflate the air pump, do not overcharge or high voltage

2. It can be used after being inflated for 8 hours (preferably 12 hours). A cushioning process is required for the pull straps and seams in the gas chamber.

3. Inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak air, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to regular air supply.

4. The ground is flat, without excessive friction and touching sharp objects.

5. The cloth soaked with soapy water can be easily cleaned without using a hair dryer, washing machine, chemical agent, washing powder or any other abrasive powder
Package list:
1Pcs * inflatable water ball