Foot Air Pump 3 Pump (Yellow)

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1, durable air pump.
2, foldable to fit the kayak deck or the pedestal.
3, 3 adapters are suitable for most valves.
4, 49" long tube.
5, the amount of exhaust: 0.5l per stroke.
AIRHEAD High Volume Bellows Foot Pump - Use your feet to pump the AIRHEAD high volume bellows pump into a tugboat, boat, and other inflatable equipment to inflate or deflate. With a 54-inch hose and 3 adapters, this durable air pump is suitable for most valves with an air displacement of 0.3L per stroke. Since the pump reaches a maximum pressure of 2 psi, you can make the inflatable boat and the towable hull secure and foldable to fit on the kayak deck or under the hull
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