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Water Skiing Summer Water Toys Outdoor Grass Inflatable Spray Slip Sheets Surfboard Mat
1、The new children's waterslide, grass sprinkler pad, signal surfboard patio toy, shower mode spray water running along the length of the slide, provides excellent hydraulic coverage and can be easily connected to the water pipe.
2、Double surfboards are extra thick and heavy duty PVC, which is more than twice the thickness of most lawn slides on the market.
3、Super embossed embossed PVC, without adding soap, directly open the faucet to keep the water on the slider and slider.
4、Length 480cm / 188", width 70cm /27.56''. It can reduce the impact on the ground when sliding, making the sliding more slippery.
5、Suitable for the hot summer family's parent-child activities, invite everyone to play with the water slide.
Product size: length 480cm / 188", width70cm/ 27.56''
Product introduction:
-There is water spray function on one side.
-The product does not need to be inflated.
-After connecting the water pipe, the water will be continuously sprayed out. It is necessary to connect the tap. It is recommended to use it on the grass.
Packing list:
1 pcs/bag