15W dual magnetic wireless charger magsafe mobile phone holder charger

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Use: Wireless Charging

Type: Electric

Quick charge: Yes

Package: Yes

Output Interface: WIFI

Model Number: N62

Intelligent Charge: Yes

Display screen: No

Certification: CE

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null


1. Q: Do Samsung mobile phones and other devices support charging?
A: This wireless charger can charge Samsung mobile phones and other devices, provided that your mobile phone supports wireless charging

2. Q: Will Apple 11 charge?
A: The answer is yes. As long as your phone supports wireless charging, it can be universal. All phones above Apple 8 support wireless charging, but only Apple 12-13 has its own magnetic attraction function.

3. Q: (1) Can I charge my Samsung watch?
(2) Samsung s9, s10, s20, s21, will it be magnetically glued and held tightly, or do we have to resort to the magnetic ring glued to the lid?
A: (1). As long as the phone itself supports wireless charging, this wireless charger can charge the phone
(2). The magnetic attraction function is limited to Apple 12-13 models, other models (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei...) do not have this function, so we provide buyers with a magnetic sheet, which is clipped on the back of the phone. The shell can also achieve a firm suction effect

4. Q: Can magnetism work through the iPhone case?
A: The exclusive Apple magnetic phone case can increase the suction power, and the ordinary phone case can be used with magnetic sheets to achieve magnetic charging

5. Q: Does Samsung watch support wireless charging?
A: The charging power of the Samsung Watch is different from that of the Apple Watch, so you can only charge Apple Watch