1pc Pools & Water Fun Animal Cartoon Design Kids Floaties Armbands For Swimming Summer Swimtrainer Toys For Children #JC

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this is filling foam arm rings
Fabric: Peach skin:
Peach skin product is a kind of imitation leather fabric developed after the artificial suede product. It is a thin fabric composed of microfibers. It is a novel thin pile fabric for microfiber fabrics. It is made from synthetic suede. Since it came out of the tyres, the texture is softer because it is not treated with polyurethane.
Because of its shorter velvet, the surface is almost invisible and the skin is perceivable, so that the touch and appearance are more delicate and unique. Peaches soft and elegant gloss, compared with artificial suede, giving consumers a novelty, suitable for people's curious consumer psychology, which soon became popular in the international market. Tencel is processed to obtain the feel of peach skin.
The formation of a unique style of peach skin fabrics can be said to be the basis for ultra-fine denier high-density thin fabrics, and the key to sanding is the key to the product.
Characteristics: It has the functions of moisture absorption, air permeability, waterproof, silky appearance and style, fabric soft, shiny and smooth.
Filling: EPE foam, large buoyancy.
age:2-6 years old
package size :30*15*12cm
weight :0.17kg
[Material]: high-quality light body floating material, life jacket material is waterproof special materials, can effectively waterproof, can increase the buoyancy of life jackets in the water.
1, the meaning of high foam, significantly improve buoyancy.
2, the buoyancy of the arm ring and vest to help children learn to swim better and safer.
3, beautiful cartoon computer graphics design, popular with children's favorite.
The main purpose and scope of application: Child cartoon auxiliary arm circle swimsuit