Flannel Heated Sleeping Bag Liner Thermolite Ultralight Camping Travel Winter Sleeping Bag Liner Cotton, Special Heating Plates

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Heated Sleeping Bag Liner Travel and Camping Sheet, Pocket-Size, Lightweight, Winter Sleeping Bag Liner, Special Heating Plate

Product Description:

Brand: Agemore Name: Heating Envelope Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner Color: Grey/Blue, Grey/Red Surface Material: 100% Cotton Liner Material: Flannel Fabric Weight: 800g Outdoor Comfortable Temperature: 5℃-15℃ Limit Temperature: 0℃ Size: 220*90cm Packing: 28x14x14cm Cycle time: 4~10hours (based on 10,000mAH power bank) Washing Tips: Both Hand Washing and Machine Washing is acceptable.

Used as Normal Sleeping Liner:

Used inside Sleeping bag:

Material Detail:

Power consumption diagram.

Please refer to the following diagram to balance the temperature control and time lasting. The diagram is based on 10000mAH power bank capacity.

Heating Material Features:

This sleeping bag liner is 9W power consumption and supplied by DC 5V2A power bank.Higher voltage input can damage the heating system. It has no heat isolation layer and can not be used individually when heat system is on because the heat will lost quickly. It warms up in seconds by the composite metal fiber heating system. This revolutionary system is insanely durable and literally cannot lose conductivity unless it's cut by a machete. Special waterproof sealing is applied to heat system. Both machine washing and hand washing are acceptable.