Car Wash Interior Car Cleaning Gel Slime For Cleaning Machine Auto Vent Magic Dust Remover Glue Computer Keyboard Dirt Cleaner

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Weight: 80g

Type 7: Cleaning tools

Type 6: Car cleaning gel

Type 5: Auto cleaning

Type 4: Cleaning gel

Type 3: Dirt Cleaner

Type 2: Clean the dust

Type 1: Clean Glue

Shelf Life: 2


Type: Car cleaning gel

Capacity: 60ML

Weight: 70g

Material: Soft glue

Colour: Blue

Note: Due to the long distance of transportation, the package may be damaged. Please don't worry, if your package is damaged, please contact me in time, I will reissue it to you as soon as possible, or refund it.


1. Safe and nontoxic, No trace, no surface damage, fragrance

2. Does not leave residues, keeps your hands clean, has a proven disinfecting action

3. By pressing the cleaning compound onto the surfaces that you would like to clean, Can effectively absorb dust and dust in the gap, never fly around

4. Experiments prove that it can effectively kill common bacteria

5. A must for using public computers in a clean and safe way, ideal for all surfaces. It is the best partner for cleaning electronic devices

6. Can be used many times until the cleaning compound turns into dark color