Car Organizer Storage Car Seat Slit Gap Pocket Multifunctional Driver Seat Catcher Cup Holder Car Accessories PU Leather 1 piece

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Type: Seat Crevice Storage Box / Bag

Material Type: PP & leather


Items in package: 1 piece

Material: PP + leather
Size: 240*280*105mm
Large storage spaces such as cars, bills, laptops, books, mobile phones, parking cards, etc. can be placed inside.
The novel and unique appearance solves the problem of your favorite car
and prevents objects from falling out of the seat gap. High-quality leather, no deformation,
suitable for the space between different models.
It is suitable for most cars and does not require complicated installation.
Just slide between the seat pocket and the console until you find a comfortable and comfortable place.
Packing list
Packing list: one pack