Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I am Elizabeth Lynnae, I am 13 years old. I enjoy playing games on my phone, reading, and drawing. When I'm not in my room playing, or doing school work, I enjoy helping with the business. I help with picking items to post about on Social Media, editing pictures, I run a Mercari store selling used clothes that don't fit us anymore, and more. 


I like to travel with my family. We do a lot of camping in the summer; normally we go to northern Michigan. We bring a lot of stuff with us when we camp and understand that you need a lot of stuff to camp. That's why we made sure to include everything you need for camping and more on our site.


We like to go to the beach and pool sometimes. We are all fish when it comes to swimming. We also like to relax on the sand. My little sister, McKenzie, LOVES to play with beach toys. I personally like the cartoon towels we sell; I have always loved cartoons. 


My favorite place to go to is Ceder Point. I love to ride all the roller coasters. I really like the water rides because the splash of water really cools you off. The only problem is that it costs money to use the body dryer. We sell several towels that can help dry you off so you wouldn't have to pay for the body dryer. We also sell water bottles that can help keep you hydrated while you're walking the giant park with your friends/family. We also have a large selection of sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes and to make you look summertime good!


(My favorite place to go during summer is Cedar Point, where my family and I love riding roller coasters. My favorite rides in the park, however, are the water rides. The only downside of them is that after you're done you have to dry off. Towels are not provided, so instead, we dry off with some of the high-quality towels we offer on our site. Cedar Point is fun, but another of its few issues is the far spacing apart of water fountains. We like to stay hydrated with some of the stylish water bottles from our store.)


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